Stetson Hats

Stetson offers a variety of high-quality hats that range from cowboy hats to dress hats.  Stetson has provided cowboys with hats going back to 1865.  They are constructed using the same process and material that was used over 100 years ago.  Every hat is hand-trimmed in order to make each and every hat as perfect as possible.  If the cowboy-way is not your style you can always try one of Stetson’s tweed caps that stay in style year-round.  They are available in an assortment of patterns ranging from herringbones, plaids, or checks.  This style of hat was made famous by Sherlock Holmes and they are still very popular today.  Stetson also offers dress hats that will pull your outfit together, whether you need one for a night out on the town or to see a loved one get married.  They combine original fedora shapes with top-of-the-line fur blends.  If you are looking to add a “cool-factor” to your style, then you must check out the outdoor hats Stetson offers.  They are perfect for any camping expeditions you may venture on, or they are good for your every-day travels.  The newest line of hats Stetson is currently offering is the Gotham collection.  These styles are designed from the famous Batman movies and feature vintage fabrics, high-quality materials, and modern styles that will have everyone you come across looking your way.  If you are in the market for a new hat, Stetson will definitely have one that will fit your personality and style.

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